Here we go, the results of our first photoshoot together with Monika are here. It was the fastest photoshoot I've had yet, but we both quite like the results:)


Here, I am sharing with you pictures of my beautiful friend Kikine, taken by me. Just have to say that during all of these "photoshootings" (yes, I use "" because it's just our hobby, nothing professional, we are just learning how to take photos exactly and we both truly love it!) we had a lot of fun and have both learnt a lot of new things and we will definitely continue in what we are doing!

Dark passage

The photograph Dark passage is taken in the center of town, where I live. The passage is placed directly on the square and I always was thinking about taking a photo of it, but never actually did it until our teacher from school took us at the square to take some photos, so I am glad I had finally that opportunity.